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+1 maintenance (Mon/Tue)

Matthias Klose
While looking at autopkg test failures, noticed that we had a bunch of nine or
ten day old "in progress" tests. reported to #debian-release.  Would be nice to
see checks for these on a more regular basis.

- libdist-zilla-plugin-requiresexternal-perl autopkg test failure,
  fixed with libtest-output-perl 1.033-1.
- adequate, autopkg test retries, fixed with 0.15.5

Starting with universe merges, from the top ...

Packages building udeb's probably should be removed in the long term, for now
tagging these with "udeb, LP: #1885338', or just 'xnox' ;)

- 1692 days, installation-guide: LP: #1902514, remove and add to
  blocklist, no rdeps
- 1040 days, runit: force-sync.
- 1036 days, debian-games: force-sync.
-  995 days, firehol: merge.
-  937 days, arachne-pnr: merge. file bug report in Debian for the delta.
-  896 days, ike-scan: merge. file bug report in Debian for the delta.
-  894 days, python-glareclient: merged. package was demoted,
   so maybe better drop the delta.
-  894 days, python-congressclient: dropped delta. package was demoted.
-  726 days, ruby-httpclient: force-sync
-  718 days, lxsession: merge
-  577 days, icedtea-web: force-sync
-  346 days, binutils-arm-none-eabi: sync. drop delta.

Had to stop +1 on Tuesday to work on the wrong owner/group issue in debs.

Still seeing some ten day old "in progress" tests.


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