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+1 maintenance report

Sebastien Bacher
Hey there,

That's the summary of the +1 rotation I did this week

* Spent quite some time browsing through update_excuses.html to find
actionable items
* removed scamp and theli armhf builds following Debian, scamp migrated
* fixed one issue in the crystal build
* remove the boxfort armhf binary since Debian stopped building it on
this architecture, it migrated
* retried ocrmypdf with the ghostscript from proposed but it's still
failing, found the upstream bug for the issue but no fix available yet
* got mercurial migrating by retrying tests
* fixed the python-fakeredis tests Depends
* submitted a fix upstream for the umockdev autopkgtest failing with the
new grep version
* fixed the jq build and sent the patch to Debian
* removed xfce-notes-plugin, orage and xfce4-equake-plugin for the xfce
* removed the giac binaries on the architecture Debian stopped building for
* removed deprecated gconf-editor
* fixed notify-osd-icons build
* fixed unity-asset-pool build
* fixed a typo in the debian-pan Depends
* reported sks autopktest failure to Debian
* retried the gimp build on ppc64el, worked and should migrate now
* tpm2-tss migration
  - rebuilt tpm2-abrmd, tpm2-pkcs11, tpm2-tools  fwupd and fwupd-signed
with the new soname
  - cleaned out NBS binaries from proposed
  - fixed buggy depends in tpm2-pkcs11
* retried ibus-pinyin build on arm64 which worked
* fixed the jack-mixer build with python3.9
* retried meson/arm64 but the tests are still failing
* retried libimobiledevice tests with a trigger on the samba from proposed
* retried some failures, sometimes with tweaked triggers, those worked
python-sabyenc migrated
nbconvert migrated
https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/f/fiat/hirsute/armhf, sympy migrated
* retried alsa-lib tests, it migrated
* retried a stack of r-bioc-* tests with extra triggers which clear some
failures but several are still failing which seems likely because they
try to access internet resources

Sebastien Bacher

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