16.04 LTS: what's happening to the kernel (v4.4.) updates?

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16.04 LTS: what's happening to the kernel (v4.4.) updates?

daniel curtis


I would like to ask about kernel updates in the 16.04 LTS Release, because there is a huge difference between an official Linux kernel version (which is v4.4.109, released by Mr Greg Kroah-Hartman, 2018-01-02) and the one available in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (which is 'v4.4.0-105-generic' now; '4.4.0-105.128-generic' → 4.4.98).

The difference between the kernel releases is exactly: 11. That's a huge number. Why exactly 11: because kernel version for 16.04 LTS Release is, for now, on 4.4.98 level ('v4.4.0-105-generic'), however the latest 4.4 branch version is v4.4.109. True: Mr Greg Kroah-Hartman releases a new versions pretty fast.

Why it takes so long to do an update? In the past, difference between Linux kernel version was maximum 5. releases. (In my personal opinion, now, so-called "hwe" kernels are updated more often.) Something bad is happening? Or maybe I'm just panicked and everything is okay?

Can someone explain to me, what's going on? :- )

Thanks, best regards and all the best in the New Year.

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