About pictures of the screens meant for translation

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About pictures of the screens meant for translation

Good day everyone.

I am really impressed with your work. Good job.

I have recently joined Ubuntu Uzbek translators team. I really like
"localize" software. But I want to make small suggestion about translation.

During translation I have realized that there are so many places in
Ubuntu which I have never seen. And person has to translate given word
without knowing context of the translation. Therefore, I am wondering if
it is possible to provide pictures of screens so translating person is
going to know the context.

There is one more idea but I think this one is hard to actualize. It is
about having real time visualized screen which is being translated. By
that way we see real screen and how it looks after translation.

I know that what I am saying is hard to realize but I think it will have
great impact on the quality of translation.

Hope you guys can understand my English :D

Sincerely Disctanger

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