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Announcing Edubuntu 13.10

Stéphane Graber-2
Hello everyone,

The Edubuntu team is very pleased to announce that Edubuntu 13.10 is now
out and available for download!

Edubuntu 13.10 is a regular release bringing updated software and a few

For larger deployments and environments where a stable, well tested
system is preferred, the Edubuntu development team strongly recommends
staying on the Long Term Support releases (current release is 12.04.3).

More information about the release can be found on our website:

Documentation can be found here:

And the DVD images can be found at:

After installing or upgrading your Edubuntu system, please take a minute
to tell us how you're using it and where you are:

Enjoy Edubuntu 13.10!

Stéphane Graber
On behalf of the Edubuntu release team

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