Artful font hinting problems

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Artful font hinting problems

Martin van Es

Yesterday I took the plunge and (early) upgraded to Artful to discover
horrible font hinting issues. This was resolved by upgrading
libfreetype 2.8.0 to 2.8.1 from Michael Marley's PPA. This solved
normal font hinting but left bold fonts unhinted and ugly.

Then Plasma 5.11 came by and it solved hinting of the bold window
title font, but left all other bold fonts unhinted.

I'm using Ubuntu 9 for normal and Ubuntu Bold 9 for window title.

The attached picture shows current state of affairs best. Window title
font is ok, normal font is ok but bold path font is unhinted. This
seems to be a plasma/Qt problem, because gnome doesn't suffer from

Ubuntu libfreetype bug:

KDE bug I reported:

Best regards,
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