Badram kernel patch for Dapper?

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Badram kernel patch for Dapper?

Andrew Zajac

Would it be possible to include the badram kernel patch as part of a stock kernel for Dapper?
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I have tried the 2.6.12 patch and it seems to work fine and not cause any problems, although I have not tested it extensively. 

It is problematic to swap out the ram in a machine to install the OS and then install the badram patched kernel to be able to run it with the bad ram stick(s).  Ideally, this feature should be in the kernel on the cd from which the user would boot.  They could run memtest, input the parameters once and then install.

I think this could allow a lot of users who own failing or recycled hardware to run Ubuntu.  I think it could benefit some users who would run the planned "light" version of edubuntu which would be built on top of Xubuntu.

As well, it is a really big selling point which goes against the trend set by other operating systems which neccessitate a hardware upgrade to properly run the latest version.


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