BarCamp Manila - August 21, 2008

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BarCamp Manila - August 21, 2008

Jerome Gotangco-2
Hi guys,

Apologies for the cross-post. After some quick email exchanges between
friends, we decided to organize a BarCamp
( in true unconference fashion
( next week on the 21st from
7PM onwards. Register at the wiki page, come as you are on the day of
the event, then don't forget to bring your laptop or any wifi equipped
device, and most important, don't forget to share something geeky or
technology related in nature during the event. It could be your
current pet software project, an open source project you are involved
with, the latest in hardware, etc.

And the clincher is that be sure to be able to share that piece of
geeky information to the audience in just 7 minutes.

More details of the BarCamp is at

In case you cannot join the actual event, you can always follow the
proceedings via Twitter ( or if you
have the bandwidth, via streaming video


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