Battery discharging is slow to show

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Battery discharging is slow to show

Chris Green
I run xubuntu 20.10 on my laptop and I noticed that the power manager
applet takes a *long* time to notice that the power cable is unplugged
and thus that the battery isn't charging.

It takes around two minutes before one is notified that the battery is

I did a few checks and it turns out the the program upower suffers
from the same delay, so it's not just an xfce problem I don't think,
it's something in the underlying system.

Strangely the program on_ac_power *does* notice the power being
removed almost instantly so it's not a problem with my hardware, the
information is there, just that neither upower nor the xfce panel
plug-in seem to be seeing it very quickly.

I'm not sure if this is a new problem though I've not noticed before,
I've been using xubuntu for many years now, back to at least 10.04 and
probably before.

Chris Green

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