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Bionic Beaver (to be 18.04) feature freeze

Steve Langasek-6
Dear Developers,

As per the release schedule, Bionic is now in Feature Freeze.

Ideally you will all now be focusing on bug fixing and not on getting
new features into the release.

As is the custom, packages that have been uploaded to bionic-proposed prior
to the feature freeze deadline, but have gotten stuck there, remain
candidates for fixing between now and release.

It's been a busy cycle, and there are quite a lot of transitions still in
progress; the 822 packages waiting in bionic-proposed today is a far cry
from the 110 package minimum at the end of the artful cycle.  Please help
wherever possible by resolving broken tests, uninstallable packages, and
build failures; and please pay attention to existing versions of packages
currently in bionic-proposed before uploading unrelated changes.

And if you do want to seek an exception to land your cool new feature, then
please follow the process:

Remember that version strings don't matter for Feature Freeze.  If you
upload a new upstream release and it has no new features than you don't need
an exception.  If you add a debian/patch that adds a new feature, or enable
one via build flags then you do.  We care about the content of the archive,
not about precisely how things got there.

Happy bugfixing,
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