Boss eBand JS-10 with Kubuntu - how to connect?

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Boss eBand JS-10 with Kubuntu - how to connect?

Dave Nelson (
Hi guys,

Does anyone have any experience getting a Boss eBand JS-10 audio
player/guitar effects unit to work with Kubuntu?

My eBand works okay with Windows 10, but I have not been able to get it
working with Kubuntu. I have installed the Ubuntu Studio installer on
Kubuntu 20.04. When I connect my eBand to Kubuntu, an eBand JS-10 device
does appear in the system settings audio control panel. When I unplug
it, it disappears.

I have tried this on the Asus G750JM on which I dual boot Windows, as
well as on a Dell i3567 (which supports Linux much better than the Asus
system), without any success.

If, in the Kubuntu audio control panel, I select the eband (for either
input, output or both), my system produces no more sound.

I figured that, in the Kubuntu user base, there must be guitar players,
and there might be someone with a Boss eBand JS-10, because it seems to
be a popular piece of hardware.

Is there someone who can advise me out there? Many thanks in advance if

All the best,

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