Breezy - Reboot problem on Toshiba A10

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Breezy - Reboot problem on Toshiba A10

mmm gookgik

I have a problem when with Breezy on my laptop Toshiba-A10 with P4
processor. I just installed Breezy

on the last weekend and I found that when I wanted to reboot, it exited
Gnome saying a word

"rebooting", the screen went black and nothing happened !

It just sit there, no shutdown and no restart. I had to push the power
switch to shut it down and

pressed it again to start it up :(

This is a fact I have found on many of using google,

I have found many many people using laptop or even the Toshiba-A10 found
this problem,

but I never seen any solution from Ubuntu to this issue, did I miss
something ??


Anyone found this problem and solution ??

I've already tried to add "acpi=off" or "nolapic" into the file "menu.list"
but it never works :(

Please please, I moved to Ubuntu because I belived that we are "human
connectivity" :D


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