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[Bug 32597] Hang while booting

Nicholas A. Zigarovich-3
Public bug report changed:

I am also experiencing failures while booting at "Loading hardware
drivers", which I understand to be udev-related. I had this problem with
Flight 4, I had it with Flight 5, and I still have it after dist-
upgrading from Flight 5, a few hours ago.

Specifically, "Loading hardware drivers" blocks the boot process for 2-3
minutes every time I boot, without fail. But that is where the
consistent behavior ends.

Sometimes "Loading hardware drivers" reports failure, sometimes it
reports success. When it fails, and sometimes when it succeeds - at any
rate, the most common scnario - is that the boot continues until EVMS
tries to start, and there the boot halts for good. The kernel is not
locked, as the Caps/Num lights operate, and I can Alt+SysReq to unmount
my disks and reboot, but I cannot Ctrl+C to halt the EVMS init script;
it just sits there forever (I've let it sit for five minutes).

The other, more rare scenario is that "Loading hardware drivers" and
EVMS both report success, but when I log in to GDM I am presented with a
single terminal, which scrolls a repeating error message about
permissions on /dev/null, presumably an infinite loop somwhere in a bash
profile/rc file. I can Ctrl+C to break the loop and get a usable shell.
The problem, obviously, is that /dev/null has 0640 permissions. Issuing
/etc/init.d/udev restart fixes the problem. After doing so, I can re-
login to GDM and get the GNOME desktop. This is the only scenario which
results in a usable system. (Incidentally, this happens on both of my
Breezy boxes everytime I boot, and has happened since before Breezy was
released. It also happened a few months back when I ran Debian unstable.
Infinitely frustrating.)

I have booted with init=/bin/bash as described earlier in this thread,
and here are my findings. No queue directory exists in /dev/.udev before
or after starting udevd, but it does appear after running udevplug. The
last line printed by udevplug is /sys/devices/pci0000:00.

I have no udev log to offer, as everytime "Loading hardware drivers"
fails, EVMS blocks the boot indefinitely, and I presume that the loggers
are not running when I boot with init=/bin/bash. I have posted ouput
from dmesg and lspci, along with the contents of my /dev/.udev directory
after running udevplug, at the following url:


My kernel never locks, so I don't know if I should be reporting under a
bug issued to the kernel team. Please advise.

And please help! Just tell me what you need from me. I really don't want
to miss out on Dapper.

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