[Bug 33269] root filesystem fails to mount (sata_nv module is loaded)

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[Bug 33269] root filesystem fails to mount (sata_nv module is loaded)

Scott James Remnant-2
Public bug report changed:

Task: ubuntu udev
Sourcepackagename: udev => linux-source-2.6.15
       Priority: High => Medium
       Assignee: Scott James Remnant => Ubuntu Kernel Team
         Status: Needs Info => Unconfirmed

Ben, this looks like a kernel bug to me.

udev has correctly loaded sata_nv (where the user says their drive should appear), along with amd74xx (which is the Plain-old-ATA driver I'd expect for this motherboard).

No scsi devices are showing up, either under /sys/bus/scsi/devices (which exists, but is empty) or /sys/class/scsi_device (again exists but is empty).

I don't see a udev bug here because it's done everything it has been told to, and there's no evidence it's gone wrong.  It looks like the driver isn't working correctly.

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