[Bug 6600] This package should conflict with nvidia-glx

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[Bug 6600] This package should conflict with nvidia-glx

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Yeah, you're right.  nvidia-glx-legacy should recommend or suggest
nvidia-xconfig and nvidia-settings, nvidia-glx should conflict with
them.  My thinking behind it though is that nvidia-settings and nvidia-
xconfig should just be in the nvidia-glx package in the first place,
since both packages are useless without the nvidia-glx package.

Of course on the other side of the coin, there is always those people
who want as lean a set up as possible, but I'd think since the nvidia
driver package actually contains these programs then they should be in
the same package.  I understand the reasoning behind the kernel module
being separate of course.

Personally I'm just happy when a package installs cleanly and doesn't
say that 'foo' file is also in package 'bar' when apt tries to install
it.  Especially when it's a file/package that could be merged into
another one.

Thanks for doing a great packaging job though, I opened this bug mainly
due to a lot of people following the nvidia driver howto and adding
nvidia-settings, then getting a conflict.  It'd kind of be nice to just
have a meta package (if the packages were still all split up) that would
depend on nvidia-glx, nvidia-settings, nvidia-xconfig and automatically
ran the command 'sudo nvidia-glx-config enable'.  There shouldn't be the
need for a howto, simply an 'apt-get install nvidia-drivers' or 'apt-get
install ati-drivers' that would simplify it so very much for new users.
Or of course just have the auto-detection set it up, but then I know the
freedom aspect of Ubuntu is against that (at least I think that's why
it's not enabled by default yet.)


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Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 07:38:51 -0000
Subject: [Bug 6600] This package should conflict with nvidia-glx

Public bug report changed:

They shouldn't conflict at all, it's nvidia-glx's job to conflict with
them (it already conflicts with nvidis-settings, I missed nvidia-

They won't be removed (yet) since, as pointed out, they still work with
nvidia-glx-legacy, which doesn't ship those utilities.  When it starts
to do so, they can be removed from the distro completely.

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