Can anyone try to run Kexi on Kubuntu 17.10?

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Can anyone try to run Kexi on Kubuntu 17.10?

Jaroslaw Staniek
I am not sure the software is actually tested on deployment or how it is tested.
Because (as someone not involved in deployment) I have no access to
Kubuntu machines, could anyone be so kind and try to run Kexi on
Kubuntu 17.10?
I would appreciate.

A bug report from a user is as follows:

> I downloaded a Kubuntu 17.10 image, and ran "sudo apt-get install kexi". That ran without errors, but when I then try to open Kexi by typing kexi in a Terminal I get
> this error: "Could not open icon resource file 'breeze-icons.rcc'. Kexi will not start. Please check if Kexi is properly installed.'


regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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