Can't boot or install (system hangs at one spot)

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Can't boot or install (system hangs at one spot)

Michael Nix

I downloaded the kubuntu 5.10 DVD Live / installer disk.

I can't get it to boot on my home computer.

HP m7160n
Processor: 820 Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz
Hard Drive: SATA

It has smartmedia/compactflash/mmc/SD/memory stick slots built into it.

Anyway when I either try to boot the live CD or install it always gets to this point and then stops:
The last thing it shows on the screen is:

[4294685.923000] Attached scsi removable disk sde at scsi5, channeel 0, id 0, lun 3

It just sits and sits. 

Can anyway help me.  I used the same disk to install on another computer and it installed on that machine just fine.  Well not just fine.  It didn't properly configure the xorg.conf file so I had to edit that to get better than 600x480 resolution. 

Anyway thanks in advance for your help.  I really like kubuntu on the on the other computer and would like to put it on this one.

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