Could Canonical consider relicensing libcolumbus?

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Could Canonical consider relicensing libcolumbus?

Jeremy Bicha-2
libcolumbus is a library for search that allows Unity and the HUD to
still show you relevant results if you misspelled a word. For more
details, see Jono's announcement post. [1]

Canonical has a long-standing policy of defaulting to GPL-3 or LGPL-3.
libcolumbus is licensed as LGPL-3 which prevents it from being used in
several parts of GNOME: specifically, GTK, GNOME Shell and GNOME

Now that Canonical has a greater interest in seeing GNOME improve,
please consider releasing libcolumbus as LGPL-2 also.

I suggested this when libcolumbus was announced, but I didn't follow
through hard enough.


Jeremy Bicha

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