Dapper Development Status 15 Dec 2005

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Dapper Development Status 15 Dec 2005

Jane Weideman-2
Hi all,

Please find attached this week's spreadsheet from the Dapper
Development Status meeting held earlier today.

As usual:
* If you were listed to have a follow-up meeting, please contact the
person/s concerned and arrange that this happen as soon as possible.
* Check your Priorities, Statuses, Estimated Developer Days and
Expectation of Delivery in LP  *each week* to ensure that they are
correct and up to date.
* All specs not yet marked as Approved, have been flagged as behind
schedule, please try to get them through to Approved asap, to set them
back to green.
* Blocked goals have also been flagged as yellow, to indicate that they
have an issue.

** REMINDER ** The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 22 December
at 14:00 UTC.

Please report any errors or omissions on this spreadsheet to me, so that
I can correct them.

Jane Weideman
mobile: +27 83 779 7800
Canonical Ltd.

Dapper Dev Status 15-Dec-2005.pdf (60K) Download Attachment