Dapper Development Status 17 Nov 2005

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Dapper Development Status 17 Nov 2005

Jane Weideman
Hi all,

Please find attached the spreadsheet I created after the first Dapper
Development Status meeting held last week. (It is likely that this sheet
with get refined over time, as we discover what works and what doesn't.)

Note that various follow-up meetings were listed.
 * I am not sure if all or any of these have happened.
 * We still need to decide if these follow ups need to be formally
scheduled or quick impromptu discussions.
 * I will endeavour to get the sheet out during Friday of each week, so
that you will have a list of these.
 * Since most discussions are with Matt, please try to assist him by
getting hold of him during the subsequent week to facilitate your
discussion - don't let it become a block.

** REMINDER ** The next meeting is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday 24
November) at 14:00UTC.

Notes that came up from the last meeting:
 - If a task is stalled, it's important for that to be clear during the
 - What format should the update be given? Colin Watson and Martin Pitt
can clear and succinct updates. Shown below:


Kamion ubuntu-express-*, ue-*: Not started; will start next week once
Flight CD 1 is done.

Kamion cd-build-process: jigdo improvements done, yielding the vast bulk
of the wins here; elmo reckons parallelisation will be a loss with
little's current hardware ("I/O bandwidth of a straw");
single-architecture rebuilds not started, but not blocked.

Kamion cd-bootloader: syslinux 3 merge partly done, but blocked on
finishing Flight CD 1 for general sanity reasons. gfxboot work blocked
on that. CD timeout work not started.

Kamion misc: insane pile of merges, lots of uninstallable-fixing, seed
reorganisation, etc. Assuming I get Flight CD 1 done this week, I intend
to spend next week on (a) the big apt-setup merge from Debian (fixing
lots of bugs) and (b) Ubuntu Express.


pitti hide-admin-tools-to-users: implemented backend part of
hide-admin-tools-to-users; Plan: coordinate with seb128 and mvo about
updating all desktop files and gnome-menu/update-notifier Time estimate:
2 mandays

pitti gstreamer-audio-backend: Blocks: I need gstreamer 0.10 beta in
dapper; Plan: upgrade ALSA libs to 1.10 and make necessary adjustments
according to spec; Time estimate: 1 day ALSA, 2 days gstreamer;
libgnome: unclear

pitti automatic-printer-conf: Plan: upgrade to latest cupsys beta; ETA:
6 hours (big package, lots of Ubuntu changes)

pitti rosetta-firefox-support: Blocks: carlos currently plays with
moz2po to actually get it working; ETA unknown

pitti general for next week: finish merges, catch up with security,
clean up anastacia


Jane Weideman
mobile: +27 83 779 7800
Canonical Ltd.

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