Dapper Development Status 24 Nov 2005

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Dapper Development Status 24 Nov 2005

Jane Weideman
Hi all,

Please find attached this week's spreadsheet from the Dapper
Development Status meeting held yesterday.

By next week the list of goals, assignees and statuses should have
settled. It is possible that the status in this sheet doesn't correlate
100% with that listed on LP although I did make an effort to check this.
Please make sure that the LP listing is correct and I will make sure the
rest is synchronised from there.

If you are listed to have a follow-up meeting, please ping the person/s
concerned and arrange that this happen as soon as possible, but
definitely before next week's meeting. If you need help with setting a
meeting up, let me know and I will arrange it for you; and facilitate as

Please note the General Comments Section listed at the bottom of the
sheet which is applicable to everybody. It is also shown below:
* There was a request that if changes to assignee, statuses and
priorities are made to the specs in LP affected parties should be
notified by e-mail or IRC ping.
* Check your Priorities, Statuses, Estimated Developer Days and
Expectation of Delivery in LP this week, I will synch with this list
next week.
* There was also a request that community members get to give their
updates first, sot they don;t have to be present for the entire meeting
if they don't want to.
* Remember to mention if actions listed here one week, such as
discussions etc, have been completed the next week.
* Note if a further discussion needs to take place on any item, and who
need to be present.
* PEOPLE ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH MERGES - please everyone push merges a
step or two up your to-do list.  Currently 127 open merge bugs.

** REMINDER ** The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 1 December
at 20:00UTC.

** NOTE ** There will be no weekly meeting on Thursday 29 December, due
to Canonical being closed that week. Updates will be carried over, and
on Thursday 5 January we will list the progress of the preceding 2

Please report any errors or omissions on this spreadsheet to me, so that
I can correct them.

Jane Weideman
mobile: +27 83 779 7800
Canonical Ltd.

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