Deprecation notice for mail-stack-delivery (dovecot) - planned to be dropped in 18.10

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Deprecation notice for mail-stack-delivery (dovecot) - planned to be dropped in 18.10

Christian Ehrhardt
since Ubuntu 18.04 has reached feature freeze we started to think about 18.10.
One of the changes ahead is the dropping of the mail-stack-delivery package (part of dovecot).

This package was created a long time ago with the intend to simplify several steps of a mail server setup, for example to get a safe ssl secured default installation.
It is essentially almost only a postinst to set up some better defaults.

But the bit that I can derive from bug reports and such indicates that it is almost unused these days and has become an unused maintenance debt (it started to show it's age - no more matching e.g. recommended ciphers).

Furthermore the world has moved on:
- For encryption ssl is now default in dovecot-core
- In general the hosting your own mail service has become less attractive
- If users want to set up a mail server still they often look more for e.g. for Mail-in-a-box [1]

For all of these reasons we intend to drop the mail-stack-delivery package in 18.10

If there is a big love/consumption of the package we might have missed please speak up.
In that case we likely want to drop it from dovecot still, but community could take over maintenance in a separate package that lives in universe.

Christian Ehrhardt
Software Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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