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Daniel Holbach-2
Hello Desktop Lovers!

The Ubuntu Desktop Team [1] exists for around two months now. And since
then quite a lot of things have happened.

      * We have quite a lot of GNOME/Ubuntu people in #ubuntu-desktop,
        who eagerly discuss the future (ok, and problems) of Ubuntu's
      * During the Ubuntu Bug Days, we always managed to get more
        overview over our bugs.
      * A lot of people joined [2] and [3].
      * We brought structure in our wiki pages.

[2] [hidden email]
[3] [hidden email]

However, we as a team, feel we need to define ourselves more clearly and
distinguish our goals from others. People expect from the desktop team
      * achieve more usability,
      * add new software,
      * change the way software behaves,
      * have fun in a cool team,
      * get Desktop specs done,
      * and possibly quite a lot of other things.

In this stage of the release cycle, we feel, it's the best time, to
organize ourselves and plan, what we have ahead of us. On [4] we have a
preliminary list of things we want to discuss, so if you see something,
we could discuss in general, feel free to add it there.


Dapper needs you! Stop thinking, that "Desktop is just Seb's realm"! :-)

So if you want to get involved in making the Ubuntu Desktop better, make
sure to be in #ubuntu-meeting at Friday (November, 25th) at 16:00 UTC -
thank you! :-)

Have a nice day,
 The Desktop Team

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