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Edubuntu newsletter Issue 01

Jerome Gotangco-2
Welcome to the 1st edition of the Edubuntu newsletter - your weekly
guide on everything about Edubuntu - the Linux for young human beings!

In this issue:

Edubuntu 6.06 LTS Release Candidate
Edubuntu is now available via ShipIt
Call for testing of Edubuntu CD images in preparation for release
Brand-new website
2nd meeting of the Edubuntu Council
Edubuntu Summer of Code

=== Edubuntu 6.06 LTS Release Candidate (RC) now out ===

Last May 25, 2006, the release candidate of Edubuntu 6.06 LTS was
announced by Matt Zimmerman. The Edubuntu 6.06 LTS RC was released
simultaneously with partner projects, Ubuntu and Kubuntu. You can read
the RC announcement at:

=== Edubuntu is now available via ShipIt ===

Good news for people waiting for pressed CDs of Edubuntu! A few days
ago, we have started accepting requests for free CDs of Edubuntu 6.06
LTS. The Edubuntu CDs are sponsored by Canonical Ltd. and can be
requested at:

This is the first time that Edubuntu will ship free CDs, although for
this release cycle, we are concentrating on the Intel x86 architecture
and can only accommodate orders at small quantities. But the good news
is that you can still download all supported architectures for free
upon release on June 1, 2006!

=== Call for testing of Edubuntu CD images in preparation for release ===

With the release of Edubuntu 6.06 LTS just around the corner, the
Edubuntu team has been busy making sure that the final product would
exceed expectations of new and seasoned Edubuntu users. You too can
make a difference in Edubuntu by helping the team test daily builds of
the CD images for all 3 architectures supported by Edubuntu!

You can download the daily snapshot releases of Edubuntu 6.06 LTS at

Please be aware that developmental releases are considered unstable
and therefore may not work as you expect it to be. Nonetheless, if
something doesn't work for you, make sure you report it back via the
Malone bug tracking system at

=== Brand new website ===

The Edubuntu website ( gets a brand new look just in
time for the release of Edubuntu 6.06 LTS! Spearheaded by Jonathan
Carter and Pete Savage, the new website is designed to give you the
latest information about the Edubuntu project, quick access to
documentation, user tips and tricks, and a whole lot more! Don't
forget to check out the new Edubuntu website at:

=== 2nd meeting of the Edubuntu Council ===

The next meeting of the Edubuntu Council is scheduled on June 7, 2006
at 20:00UTC. If you have contributed significantly to the Edubuntu
project, code or no code involved, you're qualified to become an
Edubuntu member! Edubuntu members are visible drivers to the project
and being one means you have made (and still making) a difference!

If you would like to be considered for membership, please refer to the
New Member Howto at which
explains the membership process. If you feel you already got what it
takes to be a member, make sure you add yourself to the Edubuntu
Meeting agenda at for
membership consideration by the council.

See you at the next meeting!

=== Edubuntu Summer of Code ===

The Edubuntu project is also part of the Google Summer of Code 2006.
For this year, Edubuntu will be handling 2 projects:

Willow package and configuration GUI
by Travis Watkins, mentored by Oliver Grawert

pyq - A testing/quizzing system for Edubuntu
by Ryan Rousseau, mentored by Jerome S. Gotangco

Congratulations to Travis and Ryan making it to this year's SoC and we
wish you the best along with your mentors!

=== Call for contributions to the Edubuntu newsletter ===

If you have an Edubuntu story to share, end-user tips and tricks, and
other news worthy stuff regarding Edubuntu, we invite you to send them
to be part of the Edubuntu newsletter. Not only will your contribution
be read by audiences worldwide, but you will also get the recognition
you deserve by doing the right choice of using Edubuntu for the
education of the children of today.

We hope you enjoyed the inaugural edition of the Edubuntu newsletter!

Jerome Gotangco
[hidden email] | [hidden email]
Mobile: +639196555242
GPG: 0xA97B69A0

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