FOSS best practices and the future of FOSS

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FOSS best practices and the future of FOSS

Fouad Riaz Bajwa
Dear Colleagues,
We are compiling FOSS best practices about the adoption of FOSS for
achieving organizational goals. Kindly provide/share with us
information about how you or your organizations have benefited from
Free & Open Source Software (FOSS). This would include best practices,
issues faced during implementation, suggestions and references to other
material of important nature related to FOSS.

One imporant question would also be that what is your perception about
FOSS and what do you think about it's future.......

I look forward to recieving references to/articles/publications related
to FOSS available on the internet. You may gain more information about
our organization at

Fouad Riaz Bajwa
Team Lead Ubuntu-Pakistan LoCo Team

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