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FWD: London Tech Week

Hi all

You and your colleagues are most welcome to London Tech Week. 50+ speakers in a full day conference. And I would love to include people from Ubuntu in a panel that discuss Combat the digital divide

The format is a 45 min panel discussion with a chair and 5 panel speakers. It start with that each panel member present who they are and what they do and then there is a discussion. 

Here is the full agenda
Diversity in tech teams and companies
Regulatory aspects on crypto (law or tax)
Combat the digital divide
Innovation in technology
Massadoption of Fintech
Emerging tech in gaming
Blockchain in society
What makes some crypto succeed
How hackathons help companies

Somerco has partnered with Cocoon to launch and host premium tech conferences with high quality speakers. First conference is China-UK HI Tech Festival - Tech for All 

Kind regards,

Jan Softa 

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