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Forum Nokia workshop on Maemo/Meego

Jerome Gotangco-2
Hi, I'm posting this to to ask you guys if you are interested in
participating in a 2-day workshop on Maemo/Meego sponsored by Forum
Nokia. I was approached by Nokia a few days ago regarding this
initiative and asked for my help in inviting a small group of
developers to be part of an initial workshop/community building
exercise for Maemo/Meego. This would be a small group, not exceeding
15 people so if you believe you have someone you know that would
benefit of this, please let me know as well so I can forward it to
Forum Nokia.

We are preferably looking for experienced software developers who
would be interested in developing mobile applications and eventually
publish apps to the marketplace. So actual software development
experience in a mobile or enterprise is very much desired.

The workshop will be held around April; we are targeting April 28 to
29 at a hotel in the Metropolis.

My work here is to just identify and invite; Forum Nokia will be the
one to send the formal invitation and the specifics of the workshop so
I cannot commit to anything.

If interested please send me the following info:

Full name
Contact no

Email this to [hidden email] and I'll forward this to Forum
Nokia and they will send the invite. Thanks.


Jerome G.

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