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Hello everybody,


Michael contacted me yesterday, since my contact details are on the Kubuntu website. He wants to start a company selling Kubuntu branded laptops, and part of the income to come to Kubuntu.


He tried several times to send this email to the Kubuntu devel list and has been bounced. I'm giving him a hand to reach you guys.




Hi Ovidiu:

I hope that is how you address you in Romania.  I forwarded this earlier but
it was rejected.  Your support would be most appreciated, and I would love to
get this running and fund Kubuntu while doing something I love.

Cheers, Mike

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Subject: Proposal: Kubuntu Branded Developer Laptop
Date: Thursday, October 24, 2019, 5:51:57 PM PDT
From: Michael S. Mikowski <[hidden email]>
To: Valorie Zimmerman <[hidden email]>
CC: [hidden email]

Hi Valorie and Rohangarg:

Sorry if this is a repeat. I had a number of bounces due to the mailing list.
Just to be sure, here is the proposal again. If I should send this to someone
else, please let me know.

Our company (MindShareManagement Inc., a California company) is interested in
providing an official Kubuntu 19.10 developer laptop for sale.  We can fund the
the project, create the sales site, coordinate marketing, and provide software
support. We would share the profits with the Kubuntu organization. Kubuntu
would provide the the branding, a prominent landing page, and link to the
sales site.

I've spent a month consolidating 25 years of  experience of using Unix and
Linux to create numerous commercial sites (many HP/HA) into a laptop image
well suited for web developers.  We could begin low-volume shipment in as
little as two weeks.

Please visit https://mmikowski.github.io/k19-10-guide/ and
especially https://mmikowski.github.io/k19-10-guide/#appendix-c to see what I
have put together.  We have already arrange an OEM, shipping, and branding
logistics and have test hardware in shipment.

While its obvious we intend to ship this laptop one way or another, I think
the links above show how well suited we are for each other. We ship pure
Kubuntu 19.10 but with a practical approach to what developers need to get
their done with the greatest efficiency and enjoyment.

I have spoken with Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan who is copied above.  I believe with
Catalina currently upsetting everyone in Silicon Valley, there is no better
time than now to have a Kubuntu branded developer laptop on the market. This
offer can provide significant income to Kubuntu. Please call or write ASAP as
time is of the essence.

Sincerely, Michael S. Mikowski


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