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Amit Bidkar


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Subject: Re: VLC should be default media player on Xubuntu
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2019 21:53:46 +0530
From: Amit Bidkar [hidden email]
To: Joel Carlson [hidden email]

Hi Team,

@pasi: You are 100% correct.

@Rest: Please read architecture and design of XFCE and Xubuntu. We want it lightweight.

Amit Bidkar

On 20/07/19 9:21 PM, Joel Carlson wrote:
Hi: Because of difficulties with Parole I install VLC when I install Xubuntu and make VLC the default in Settings - Removable Drives and Media. It probably is a matter of personal choice but I have had better luck with VLC. Joel

On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 8:20 AM Pasi Lallinaho <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hello Joel,

"Parole never works" is not very good argumenting. What in it does not work?

VLC uses Qt as its toolkit so including it as the default player would bring in a lot of extra dependencies (literally, another toolkit), so it's out of question.

Additionally, Parole works for all of my purposes very well, for example. Again, we would need good argumentation and facts on where Parole fails for a majority of our users to even consider a switch to begin with. That said, I'm happy that you've found an alternative that works for you.


On 19.7.2019 16.43, Joel Carlson wrote:
Parole never works while VLC does so VLC should be the default IMHO.

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