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Passing on to ubuntu-devel...

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From: Christopher James Halse Rogers <[hidden email]>
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Subject: Upcoming X breakage
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2010 10:00:48 +1000

Summary for the impatient:
A new X server is about to be uploaded which requires all the
drivers to be rebuilt.  Be careful when upgrading in the next few

So far in Maverick X has been a relatively sedentary beast, not much
changed from Lucid.  It's time for X to get a bit more interesting…

We're going to be merging the new 1.8 X server and associated drivers
from Debian over the next couple of days.  This server has a new input
and video ABI, which means existing driver packages will break.

The server needs to be uploaded first so the new drivers build against
the correct ABI, which means that there will be a period where safe
upgrades will have held-back packages.  The dependencies should ensure
that you won't accidentally get a non-working combination of Xserver and
drivers, but be careful if an upgrade wants to remove X packages.

There will be another X transition later in the Maverick cycle when we
switch to X server 1.9.  I'll send out a similar notice then, too.

Happy testing!
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