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GConf changes

Sebastien Bacher

I've just uploaded gconf2 2.12.1-4ubuntu1 which has quite a bunch of
changes/new features:

* the package has been splitted (new package gconf2-common) to solve the
circular Depends issue it had.

* gconf now ships a "gconf-schemas" script which make easy to
install/remove a schema (ie: gconf-schemas --register/--unregister

* the gconf directory trees are merged for better performance. It's done
for the user by /etc/X11/Xsession.d/60gconf2_merge-tree, move it if you
don't want to use this feature

* it provide a framework to easily set up defaults in Debian packages,
file are located to /usr/share/gconf/defaults and value written
to /usr/share/gconf/defaults by update-gconf-defaults

There is a mail on the debian-gtk-gnome describing some of the changes:
It has explanation of the framework to set different default is designed
by example.


Sebastien Bacher

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