Getting USB printer to stick across reboot

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Getting USB printer to stick across reboot

Olivier Nicole-2

I have a very annoying problem with a printer HP Laserjet P1102 on
Ubuntu 16.04. The printer connects by USB.

Every time I reboot the PC or the printer, a new copy of the printer is
being added. I would not care too much, but the printer is shared and
the configuration is complex enough so that I don't want to redo all
the configuration each time.

After a serie of reboot and turn off and on the printer, I usaully
manage to get it to run on the installed version of the printer, but I
waste 30 minutes every time, it is very frustrating.

How can I force the system to always recognise the one and uni9que
printer as being the one and unique printer and not try to make a copy
of it?

Thanks in advance,


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