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Graphics - Was: Newest Gnome versus LTS

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On Fri, 19 Jul 2019 01:36:13 +0800, Bret Busby wrote:
>Whilst this has, I believe, digressed from the topic of the thread,
>one point that I make here, is that, from my experience, nVidia seems
>to work okay with Ubuntu.

Hi Bret,

all graphics, NVIDIA, AMD or Intel could cause issues, e.g. when used
with some software. They for example could have impact on MIDI jitter or
even some web browsers or text processing programs can't be used, but in
my experiences NVIDIA and AMD tend to cause additional issues, due to
the proprietary driver approach.

NVIDIA graphics usually work with all Linux distros, but in the past
there were serious issues when the 'nv' driver was dropped, while the
'nouveau' driver wasn't already matured enough. Using the proprietary
driver could cause all kinds of issues, e.g. intermittently the license
issues made it from hard to impossible, to use it with real-time patched

Using the FLOSS ATI graphics driver does usually work with all Linux
distros, too, but for some of the graphics a proprietary driver never
works or else it works, but only as long as the distro provides a
dedicated release of X.

When not using the proprietary driver of NVIDIA or AMD cards, it even
could become impossible to use some desktop environments.

Intel is open-source and the company has got full-time Linux graphics


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