Gtk-WARNING **: Error parsing gtk-icon-sizes string

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Gtk-WARNING **: Error parsing gtk-icon-sizes string

Nikita Manovich

It is just FYI...

Several hours were spent on investigation "Gtk-WARNING **: Error parsing
gtk-icon-sizes string" issue... Most of all gnome application printed
the warnings on my Ubuntu 9.10. I found out that only one function in
GTK+ library prints the warning:
static void
icon_size_setting_parse (GtkSettings *settings,
                         const gchar *icon_size_string)

After that I found out that it doesn't like its "icon_size_string"
argument: "panel-menu=24,24\npanel=20,20\ngtk-button=18,18
Instead of "\n" the function expects ":"...

Using strace tool I understood the root cause... It is my new theme
Moomex. It has /home/nikman/.themes/Moomex/gtk-2.0/gtkrc file which
contains the following line:
gtk-icon-sizes = "panel-menu=24,24\npanel=20,20\ngtk-button=18,18

If you have the same problems on your system... Change the following
string in your /home/<USER>/.themes/<YOUR THEME>/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:
gtk-icon-sizes =

Best regards,
  Nikita Manovich.

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