IDE DMA problem in 5.04

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IDE DMA problem in 5.04

Gene Chen
Hi All,

My computer is an ACER laptop, with an ATI chipset and AMD Turion 64
processor. I got Hoary for x86 installed. The default kernel version is
2.6.10, and I found that i can't enable DMA mode for IDE devices,
including the hard disk and DVDRW. Then I tried 2.6.11 kernel, either
for k7 or for 686, and DMA works! However, I can't login into GNOME with
2.6.11 kernel. Soon after the desktop screen come, the whole system die:
screen freezes, mouse/keyboard die, and hard driver light not dancing. I
can see multiple lines of error messages saying if I quickly switch by
Ctrl+Alt+F1 to ttys1:

"schedule while in atomic - gam_server/0xffffffff" (not exactly

does anyone else meet with such problem?

Another question: can I upgrade to Breezy from Hoary (I mean, I dont
like to format and re-install). I see Breezy using a 2.6.12 kernel and
it may solve my DMA problem.

Thanks in advance!


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