Install HP Photosmart 2610 All - in - one

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Install HP Photosmart 2610 All - in - one

Betti Ann & Preston Smith
The frustration factor is getting to me

The Kubuntu 5.10 documentation tells me that the HP Photosmart 2600
Series has support out of the box for both the scanner and printer
segments of the device.

Well - it may have but this poor newby has seen nothing that intuitively
tells me how to install the required support

Can someone point me to a guide in clear English that tells me how to go
about installing  the 2610 as a network device on a home LAN on Breezy
5.10?  I am not computer illiterate by any stretch of the imagination
but the techno babble in many of the articles relating to installing
printers is of absolutely no help me.  Even the printer install wizard
is difficult to follow.

Help please!



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