KGet and very high cpu usage

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KGet and very high cpu usage

federico silva

        I use from time to time kget to manages a list
of downloads because I got a slow connection to the
internet. With it ( kget ) I collect links and go about
downloading them 2 at a time and I pause them to
surf, query google, etc. Quite cool so far.

Yesterday a friend published some pics he took of
my cat. Some 20 of them. I put them in kget and
it started to download them no problem.

After a while I noticed that the cpu usage applet
had it's graph "full", top reported kget was using
around 86% cpu. Today when I woke up, kget,
which had finished yesterday the downloads, was still
raging at 88%. wow!.

Closing and reopening kget puts it in its normal
"calm" state.

I have never seen that but the same friend that published
the said pics had commented me in the past that he had
the same issue running kde 3.4.x in Fedora 3 and 4.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Last moment note!:
Well, while composing this mail I found this:

It seems to marked as resolved which apparently
it is not and this is what makes me finish this post.

Should I repost a bug? Upstream? in LaunchPad?

have a nice day and thanks for any comments,


Some data:
ii  kget                     3.4.3-0ubuntu1           download manager for KDE
ii  kdelibs                 3.4.3-0ubuntu1           core libraries ...
ii  kdebase              3.4.3-0ubuntu6            ...
ii  kdelibs4c2           3.4.3-0ubuntu1            ...

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