Karmic Kernel Rebase Report (v2.6.31-rc2)

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Karmic Kernel Rebase Report (v2.6.31-rc2)

Andy Whitcroft-3
We have recently rebased the Karmic kernel to the mainline v2.6.31-rc2
release.  This email serves to document the changes that occured during
this rebase.  This includes the configuration changes made.

This was a fairly quiet rebase.  One patch was dropped from the Ubuntu
delta during the rebase:

 - ACPI: video: prevent NULL deref in acpi_get_pci_dev() -- this patch
   was a recent cherry pick from mainline and is included in the
   v2.6.31-rc2 release.

The kernel configs were updates.  There was only one new option this
time round:

  LED Support for N.S. LP3944 (Fun Light) I2C chip (LEDS_LP3944) [N/m/?] (NEW) m


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