Kernel Team Working Items Review - Actions and Minutes

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Kernel Team Working Items Review - Actions and Minutes

Terry Rudd

Good day all,

Thanks for attending the meeting today.  And thank you all again for the warm welcome to this great team.   I know it is still the "honeymoon phase" of my new job but I am amazed by the quality of people and all the help I have gotten from you to boot up. 

Have a great rest of your day!

Action Items:                                                                                                                                                            Due Date

  • All: feedback on start time (as is or move to UTC) - If important to you, please suggest a better time                by EOD 11/7
  • All: feedback on meeting execution - all feedback is good feedback! I want to make this optimal for all of us    ongoing
  • Andy: wrap up permanent Cosmic Updates Configuration tool to replace smb's "hacky script" for SRU             by EOD 11/9
  • Andy: Evaluate plan for kdump kernel for AT&T per Jay Vosburgh                                                                    Mid-day 11/6 EU time?
    • Fabio MirMar meets with AT&T 9:30 AM PST on Tuesday, 11/6 - would be ideal to have a proposes soln per Jay.
  • Juerg; takes resolution of the two Xenial backports noted by smb                                                                     ??
  • smb: toward end of week, tie off with Thadeu and I on status for SRU before heading to plumbers                   by EOD 11/9
  • smb: Ensure all patches for next SRU are applied this week                                                                             by EOD 11/9
  • Thadeu: Addresses documentation for all crank-turners to avoid using older                                                    EOD 11/7 OK?
  • Terry & Andy: drive to closure decision on edge kernel versionlng, updating & document update path             EOD 11/6?
  • Terry: Plan for Point Release (2) February 7, 2019                                                                                            EOW draft
  • Tyler: Cleans up Trello board and CVW Matrix                                                                                                   EOD 11/5
Meeting Minutes

Stable: Stefan

  • Brad is traveling this week with the clouds in Seattle - no new work is expected
  • Brad: This meeting has shifted by 1 hour, impacting the team.  Do we want to move to UTC?
  • Brad: Terry is going to take over running this meeting, starting today
  • Brad: Tracking work-item list, including the work items from sprint (should be straight forward)
  • Next SRU Cycle - smb has started
    • Need to get all patches applied this week
      • Juergh will manage the two Xenial bugs that might otherwise block it
      • Need to use the new backport processes (Thadeu will help) - will update new process document
      • Need to manage the Cosmic kernels (updates config)
        • Stefan created a script to automate for cosmic chroot
        • Andy is working on a permanent fix
      • Need to manage the 4.18 backports
    • Plumbers SRU - who can help crank - Thadeu will own cycle (11/12 - 11/30)
      • Juergh
      • Thadeu
      • Khalid
      • Kamal
      • Ben
      • Paolo (not a crank turner)
  • Need to finalize getting edge kernels in as fast as we can (Brad asks for action on this, this week) - Blockers:
    • Versioning - use ~versioning, using same meta format - or 0~ (implicit to our people only)
        • Need to ensure the base number the same as upload number
      • issues - need to bump bionic hwe up from base bionic
      • get who is doing hwe-next to do this and then drive
    • Address method for updating.. need to get it to be the same
      • with gcp edge, Stefan is trying to get it it to be standard method
      • kleber worked on this with Stefan
      • Need to address cranky-close to put correct parameters (Marcelo will work on this - this week)
      • we're out of date that update scripts might not behave as expected (old version)
        • Need to keep trees consistent
      • Need to use cranky, especially for backports.
      • Objective is to not use the update scripts right now
        • Andy will lead effort to clean up those update scripts
    • Update path for those edge kernels
      • Need to have a means to move them from Azure-edge to Azure aka for Cosmic
      • Could we use the same method used with Snapdragon
      • Andy will take action item to go talk to Archive folks to ensure safe path (multiple upgrades path)
        • risks is that a customer is on a higher kernel than will ever be on current release
        • aka 4.21 kernel on bionic, upgrade to Cosmic, which will never have 4.21, move to Dingo then on unsupported kernel.
      • Action Andy makes a diagram to explain this.  (could also model hwe)
  • Point Release coming up February 7.
    • Typically worry about this 6 weeks (Andy created new board for this)
    • Terry takes action to determine whose looking after hwe-edge stacks in and tested

Development: Seth

  • Seth notes patch work ongoing for 4.19
    • 4.19 - working on zfs  - Colin
  • Seth: need help with dkms if folks have spare time - all who can help
  • Tyler is watching for sponsorship requests
  • Topic for upstream developers - take a look at shift-fs for LXD
    • Tyler will look at them before Plumbers
  • CVE Tracker is in rough shape but Tyler is working on it
    • updating all the break/fix
    • should clean up some of the old stuff (tracker and trello board)
    • Will update us

Sustaining: Jay Vosburgh -

kdump issue - Brad mentions that Thadeu has some ideas

  • 2 patches submitted upstream but they were not happy about
  • Andy suggests we don't have a special kernel but create a package for pci resetting patches
  • Andy will take a look at the patches (normally turned off)
    • For AT&T (this will be special for their Trusty environment) - Andy suggests "AT&T kdump kernel"
      • Does not need an update path so no need for meta package
      • Sustaining is not wanting to support that for 10 years (don't want change unless it fails)
    • Using 4.4 since that is the kernel that worked for them
    • Don't want this kernel - it is only for kexec  (grub modification - has to happen)
  • Andy will evaluate this per email thread (this week)
  • Jay will set up patches to put a kernel command like option to turn them on and submit them upstream later this week (Xenial up)

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