Kernel changes for initramfs generation

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Kernel changes for initramfs generation

Ben Collins-3
Today I uploaded a new kernel-package, which changes the way that the
linux-image packages will create and update the initramfs image. The
2.6.15-5.7 kernel was uploaded a short time ago and will make use of this
new kernel-package.

Quick summary, all packages that modify things in the initramfs should
start using the update-initramfs program.

For further explanation and details, please see:

This is part of a dapper spec. The only thing that I know that should be
using this is usplash, but I can't see why things like busybox-initramfs
postinst shouldn't be calling it aswell.

Note that it should be safe to call update-initramfs just about
everywhere, since it will keep you from crapping things up.

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   Ubuntu Linux

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