Kubuntu Automation 2.2 first alpha released

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Kubuntu Automation 2.2 first alpha released

José Manuel Santamaría Lema

the first alpha of Kubuntu Automation 2.2 is now available in the testing PPA:

For technical details, feel free to read the latest changelog entry; while the
list of changes is a bit long, it doesn't change very much of or current
workflow, many changes are either minor bugfixes or part of:

Most important changes from the user point of view, affecting our current
workflow, are:
* git-clone-all: print excess files/directories
* Add 'do-all git push' magic:
   - detect if KCI is paused before proceeding; if the KCI is running, abort
   - move 'check-ci-paused' and 'git-push-all', since these scripts are from
     now on obsolete


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