Kubuntu Automation 2.2 rc 1 released + some things to do for 2.3

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Kubuntu Automation 2.2 rc 1 released + some things to do for 2.3

José Manuel Santamaría Lema

the first release candidate of Kubuntu Automation 2.2 is now available in the
dev-tools-testing PPA:

This version provides just a few bugfixes, including a couple of glitches we
had experienced during our last KDE Frameworks Debian merges.

If we don't find any additional urgent bugs I would like to release this
version as the final stable 2.2 release the next week or so.

== Future plans ==

For the next 2.3 version, among other things, I would like to start to rework
the code a bit following an OOP design (note that the code we have now was
written in a hurry to deal with our urgent packaging issues, so it wasn't
properly designed).

I also would like to have the documentation in a more reader-friendly format
than plain text files. I really had a hard time in the past trying to make the
docs understandable. To achieve this, as an experiment, I have ported our
current documentation (README, INSTALL, README.hacking) to Sphinx. IMHO it
looks very nice. I'm attaching some screenshots.

To build this documentation, you can checkout the "2.3" branch, enter the
'doc' directory and type 'make'; this will produce the HTML docs in 'doc/

Oh, and it also supports manpages which would be available both as HTML and

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