LTS kernel 4.14 on 18.04

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LTS kernel 4.14 on 18.04

Fabio Colella
Hi all,
I read in the recent kernel news that the tentative plan is to converge on 4.15 for the bionic cycle. My question is then, why not 4.14, which is an LTS kernel supported for 6 years,  up to 2023, which will receive a lot of attention, also on the smartphones and IoT side? 

I'm not saying Ubuntu 18.04 *should* use 4.14, but given that it seems to come with many advantages on the stability and safety side, what are the advantages of 4.15 over 4.14?

Could possibly useful 4.15 features be cherry picked and backported to 4.14 instead of shipping the whole 4.15 and then having to support it with less cooperation from upstream?

In the eventuality of bionic shipping with 4.15, would 4.14 still be available in the official repos (or as a kernel snap)?



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