Language pack support for .desktop files ahead

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Language pack support for .desktop files ahead

Martin Pitt-4

I prepared new glib20, gnome-desktop, and cdbs packages for It works pretty fine so
far, I'm optimistic that we can get something nice for Dapper.

I could not implement the automatic .desktop file changing as
described in the original spec, so I updated it and set it back to
PendingApproval (the reason for not using intltool for this is
explained in the spec). Matt, can you please look over it and approve
it again (or grab me for discussing this again)?

The updated cdbs modifies to catch the large majority of
gnome packages without touching them all. I tested it with a couple of
packages, but of course it still has the potential to break package
builds. So if you encounter odd FTBFSes in a cdbs/ package,
please yell at me.

I hold back the uploads until the spec is approved and I did some
further tests (performance impact mainly).



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