Language packs with new locales ahead

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Language packs with new locales ahead

Martin Pitt-4
Hi fellows!

Yesterday, Jeff Bailey and I did the final changes for the new locale
handling in Ubuntu. See the spec [1] for details, these are the
general changes:

 * The language packs themselves now ship the locales, not the
   'locales' package any more. This will allow easier locale updates
   and Rosetta integration.

 * We now use the locale definitions from Belocs, which supports many
   additional locales with lots of enhancements.

 * locales is now built from a separate source package, not from glibc
   any more.

 * /etc/locale.gen has been dropped and replaced by
   /var/lib/locales/supported.d, which is automatically handled by the
   language packs. /usr/sbin/locale-gen has been adapted accordingly.

   If your package relies on that conffile, please change it to use
   /var/lib/locales/supported.d/*. One such case is the language
   selector, I already spoke with Michael about fixing it.

The new locales package is still in NEW, as soon as it gets into the
archive, the new langpacks will become installable, and the spec will
be implemented.

Please report any regressions and failures to me. One known regression
is the dropping of the translations from Rosetta. Rosetta's export is
currently not working, so I could just use the buildd data.




Martin Pitt
Ubuntu Developer
Debian Developer

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