MOTU School Session: "How do I work on bugs?"

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MOTU School Session: "How do I work on bugs?"

Jordan Mantha
Hi everybody!

As a part of the ongoing MOTU School series, courageous master of mayhem
Simon Law (Ubuntu Quality Assurance guru), will be giving a presentation
on how to get involved with bug fixing and triage.

The Ubuntu Bug Squad [0] is the team of tireless volunteers and paid
developers who try squash the bugs and make sure Ubuntu leads the way in
quality software. Simon will give use an introduction to the team and
what we can all do to help.

Learning how to correctly triage bugs and work with the Malone bug
tracking system can be daunting, but as Simon will show us, it is very
much worth the effort.

Time: Friday, August 4th at 15:00 UTC [1]
Place: #ubuntu-motu-school on
Who: everybody is welcome, no matter what skill level

IRC logs will be posted on the wiki [2] after the session so if you miss
it hopefully you can still get a lot of information from it.

See you there!

-Jordan Mantha


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