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MOTU report - Issue 9

Daniel Holbach-2
Hi everybody,

you surely have been waiting for the MOTU report [1] to hit your mailbox
for days now... in all the bustle around UBZ [2] we've simply been too
busy. Sorry for that.


So this is the ninth issue of the MOTU report, bringing you up to
scratch with the news from MOTU land.

October was very exciting. We released Breezy Badger's Universe and
Multiverse with less bugs and more thrilling software. Thank you
everybody who helped to make this possible. Apart from fixing bugs and
making everything pretty for release, we even managed to get some
interesting new packages in.

We're pleased to announce Loic Pefferkorn (pef) as a MOTU. This brings
another french Master of the Universe to our team and judging from his
efforts until now, he will be a real asset for Kubuntu, just have a look
at [3] and count Loic's packages. WOW!


Another interesting happening that took place on UBZ, was Reinhard
Tartler's approval for uploading to main. Eye witnesses can vouch that
it has been some tough minutes for Reinhard, as he had to answer several
questions pointed at him by Matt Zimmerman (mdz) and Mark Shuttleworth
(sabdfl) himself, and reflect on his past work on Ubuntu's universe.
Happy ending to this episode concluded that Reinhard Tartler is now a
proud Ubuntu main maintainer! :-)

After the release and all the stress we had, some of us met at Ubuntu
Below Zero. Namely Andrew Mitchell (ajmitch), Daniel Holbach (dholbach),
Jonathan Riddell (Riddell), Jorge Bernal (koke), Martijn van de Streek
(Treenaks), Martin Meredith (Mez), Oliver Grawert (ogra), Paul Sladen
(sladen), Reinhard Tartler (siretart), Stephan Hermann (\sh) were there.
We had a good time planning different aspects of Ubuntu Dapper: REVU2
[4] and Developer docs [5] (among others) will change the way we work
and get people involved quite a lot.


We even had a one-slot MOTU meeting, which was "broadcasted" by Paul
Sladen. We decided, that

      * We will work on Merging Debian changes first
      * We will respect the release cycle freeze dates more accurately.
      * We desperately need [hidden email] (which still
        does not exist) for a number of reasons:
      * the list will in general help us to guide people who "want to
        get involved" a lot better.
      * We want to change our workflow a bit: we want to move away from
        being irc-centric to make it easier for other people to join our
        ranks. To achieve that we
      * will try to give more insight in what each of us does by writing
        mails about plans, times where we are not available and so on.
      * will use Launchpad's team polls to make decisions instead of
        relying on team meetings. A typical workflow for such a decision
        would be: 1) write a mini-spec on what you are trying to solve
        in which way, 2) call for comments in a MOTU meeting or on the
        mailing list, answer questions about your proposal, 3) announce
        the poll on our mailing list, 4) look up results one-two weeks

The MOTU landscape has never been more interesting: little teams start
working and gathering people every day. If you ever wanted to be part of
      * Avahi team
      * Photography team
      * Audio team
      * Media team
      * Ruby team
      * Mono team
      * Games team
      * Desktop team
      * Kubuntu team
      * many more teams, I just forgot to list.

Be sure to hit #ubuntu-motu on and let's talk about it.
If you want to found a new team, have a look at [6] and begin writing
down your goals and ideas.


If we forgot to write about something exciting in MOTU land, please
visit [7] and make a note. Thanks a lot.


Start 'giving back' today, join the Masters of the Universe! [8]


Have a nice day,
 Daniel Holbach (for the MOTU team)

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