Minutes from 'Growing our Community, and Onboarding new people' meeting

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Minutes from 'Growing our Community, and Onboarding new people' meeting

Rick Timmis-3

Attendees: Clivejo, Valoriez, acheronuk, sick_rimmit

The council discussed the following

1 - How do we reach out to the community currently ?

ML, IRC, Ubuntu Forum, ( The Forums don't work well for Kubuntu, the community there can be rude. Not worth investing

Social Media - need to recruit people who like it. Facebook page is pretty awful, folks ask support but no one responds. Google+, Twitter ?????

This needs a dedicated socialmedia team - Quest - Social Mdeia research team, to invite group owners to a subsequent Cafe..

Telegram / Chat things - Valorie is testing Matrix along with the KDE - Purism Phone will be using Matrix.

As Matrix is directly bridged to Freenode IRC, this makes it a very pursuavive tool -Council are encourage to experiment with this, and provide feedback.

We concluded that rationalising our channels, and making the most effort to bring disparate groups into the primary channels is the way forward. Those channels are in order of preference.

1 - Mailing List
2 - IRC ( Internet Relay Chat )
3 - Kubuntuforums.net

Organise Website dedicated meeting, Gathering input from OnAir - Promote this as an community event far and wide, and then arrange a secondary meeting to discuss this input - Going to need a secreatary. -> RT

Items to discuss - Matrix - webchat.freenode.net

2 - How do we attract new community members ?

We realised that addressing the points in 1, would reduce the number of channels and make it clearer and easier for newcomers to find the main heart of the Kubuntu community. Fostering the correct attitudes and approaches from the existing community by targetting the most positive channels we can find, also encourages and welcomes new members.

3 - How do we become sticky, so that new people want to stay with us ?

IRC users very often join the channel and then leave... the more people are around to answer questions, the easier and better it gets. New users struggle with IRC, and they very often don't know what it is used for.

Onboarding - The contribute page should be central to this, so that when they arrive it appeals to them in the sense of "What sounds interesting to you ? " - Identifying Organisational Roles ( Web Author, Video Editor, Social Media Guru, Marketer, Administrator, Developer, Documentor, Reviewer, Tester, ) - These roles need to be quite narrow, and clearly defined. Work groups -: Developers, Administration, Marketing, Support, Community.

AOB - Nothing more to add

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