Minutes of MOTUMedia Team Meeting on 15. Dez 2005

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Minutes of MOTUMedia Team Meeting on 15. Dez 2005

Reinhard Tartler-2
Hello Multimedia Software Lovers,

The first official Meeting of the MOTUMedia team [1] happened, and was
quite productive. Let me summarize about the points we discussed there:

 * Skins for MPlayer

For dapper, we have a completely repackaged mplayer package. In
pre-dapper, we had one default skin (Blue) shipped within the package.
Dapper will ship with an extra mplayer-skins package. Currently, it only
contains 2 skins: clearplayer and mini, only because most of the ones
distributed and listed on [2] have no proper license statement.

If you know some good skins for mplayer, which are properly licensed, do
not hesitate to add them to the mplayer-skins package, or tell us to do
so. A request to the ubuntu artwork team will be sent out shortly

 * Testplans for media players

We want to do some QA for media players and codecs to ensure a great
multimedia experience. In oder to do that, we agreed on drafting a
testplan, listing which players and which media files with which codecs
we want to be tested. When we have this list, we will try to collect as
many samples as possible and try to include them to the example content
spec, which already covers some codecs [3], but not all we want to have
tested. [4] has a first brain dump, but will get more polishing and a
table of players and codecs which we want to have tested.

I'll follow up to this email with a link to the wiki page with that

 * Support of Codecs in ubuntu.

We need to have a summary about which codec we have supported in which
part of ubuntu, i.e. we want to know which codecs are supposed to work
in main, which in universe and for which users would have to use
packages from multiverse. This will be community driven, please
contribute to the template slomo is currently preparing. (we will post
the wiki page in a followup to this email).

That's all for now, have fun with testing dapper! :)

[1] https://launchpad.net/people/motumedia
[2] http://www.mplayerhq.hu/homepage/design7/dload.html
[3] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ExampleContent
[4] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Media

 Reinhard Tartler <[hidden email]>

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