Minutes of the Technical Board meeting 2013-07-08

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Minutes of the Technical Board meeting 2013-07-08

Matt Zimmerman-2
Meeting summary and log:

Members present: Matt Zimmerman (chair), Colin Watson, Kees Cook, Soren
Hansen, Stephane Graber

- The question of the development series alias name was deferred to the next
  meeting (noting that it was not blocking engineering work at the time)

- The board resolved that an explicit linking exception is required in order
  for GPL software (v2 or v3) to dynamically link with OpenSSL in Ubuntu,
  noting that a statement from the copyright holder is sufficient.

- Kees Cook agreed to review the outstanding "provisional" micro-release
  exceptions on
  incorporating data on known regressions in updates to these packages.
  Using this information, the board will decide whether to make these
  exceptions permanent.

 - mdz

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